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NOVO – with decades of both legal & medical experience – litigates wrongful death cases in a unique way. We understand the medical facts of the case and leverage that understanding into better strategies, testimonies and restitution awards for our clients.

In the past five years, NOVO has filed suits valued at over $85 million dollars and has successfully advocated for the rights of the dead by allowing their stories to be told, thus allowing the dead to live on in memory by finding the answers to their deaths through legal inquiry and process.

As a firm specializing in the intersection between law and medicine, NOVO has won landmark judgement and established precedent in ground breaking wrongful death cases. Unfortunately, due to the non-disclosure agreements typical of wrongful death cases we are not allowed to disclose the specific cases and amounts; however, a quick Google search of our name with the tag “wrongful death” may better inform you of our experiences.

Our Impact

As a result of our legal proceedings, we have helped to provide our clients with answers about why their loved one has perished by identifying and questioning those responsible. These answers help victims to heal from this tragedy

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