NOVO Law Firm is a full NYC_-_New_York_County_Supreme_Courthouseservice, multi-state practice most recognized for its advocacy of victims’ rights and the impact we’ve had in bringing meaning and value to peoples’ losses. We fight for care in health care through our advocacy of victims whose care had been compromised via medical malpractice. We represent construction workers that have suffered an injury due to the negligence of another while they were risking their lives, building this country from the ground up. We seek judicial remedies for clients that have suffered a life-changing injury while the victim of a motor vehicle accident. We seek reparations for innocent people wrongfully convicted by a system gamed by lying police officers through or work in civil rights. NOVO is a nexus of legal advocacy for plaintiffs rights: join our nexus and the case that changes the world might be yours.

A personal touch:
Every attorney & staff member at our law firm understands that your case is more than just a file of carefully organized papers. Files are sacred in our office, because each contains a life – often a life that has faced devastation and sorry, and may be risk of coming undone. That’s why you can often reach us after business hours – most of us are still in the office making sure that we’ve considered your case from every angle.

Our History:
Novo Law Firm began as a legal practice established by New York State Judge Ilya Novofastovsky— a judge deeply admired for his legal expertise and genuine care for people, both within and outside of the courtroom. His vision was one of a legal practice guided by principles of compassion that nevertheless excelledin the legal profession.

Medical malpractice is one of the founding practice areas of the Novo Team because of the comprehensive legal and medical backgrounds of the attorneys, experts, and staff at Novo Law Firm.

As a client of our firm, you can be assured that your case will truly be our cause. You will receive:

  • Top-quality legal advice from attorneys and staff with backgrounds in both law and medicine;
  • Support and recommendations contacting experts to review your medical conditions & experiences;
  • Quick access to additional support and status updates about your cases on your schedule, including house meets for those unable to come to our offices.

The Novo Advantage lies in our years of experience handling medical malpractice cases, combined with a philosophy of human compassion and legal excellence. Clients will leave our offices better informed about their medical conditions and treatment options, alongside new confidence that our team of legal professionals will fight to get the answers and compensation you deserve.