The Novo Advantage

NOVO has achieved a great deal of success in product liability suits. Our firm is uniquely positioned to process product liability claims in New York and in New Jersey because our attorneys regularly review, interpret and communicate esoteric medical and technical writing to the court on a daily basis.

Product liability is the intersection of law, medicine (health) and engineering. Recognizing this, NOVO commands an internal and external network of  engineers, scientists, economists and practicing doctors, adding an dynamic to your case that will drastically increase the value of your case.

In a product liability case that another lawyer might not think twice about, we have often found signs of neurological damage caused by the liable product, subsequently increasing your monetary reparations tremendously.

Our Impact

NOVO Law Firm has changed the world around you: many of the labels you see on products may be there because of our diligent pursuit of justice for our clients.

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