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NOVO knows motor vehicle accidents: we’ve tried and settled thousands of cases, restoring
tens of millions of dollars for victims of car accidents in the process. Our history of successful courtroom litigation and settlement can largely be attributed to the NOVO’s unique position as a medical malpractice firm: our in-depth and in-house medical knowledge empowers us to effectively communicate the full extent of your suffering and medical costs with judges, juries and lawyers. In addition to high-quality legal advice and monetary compensation.

Our firm’s commitment to helping victims of motor vehicle accidents recover from the traumas inflicted upon them is comprehensive. Behind almost every case is a dynamic team of NOVO attorneys, paralegals and staffers working to secure your right to receive just restitution from liable parties.

The streets of New York and New Jersey, although beautiful, have many flaws: pot-holes, incorrect signage, poorly planned bicycle lanes and dangerous drivers on the road. Whether you were a pedestrian, bicycler, passenger or operator of a motor vehicle at the time of the accident, NOVO is in your corner!

Our Impact

Through the legal process, our streets have been made safer by holding the city and state accountable for things such as poor signage and having the court issue orders to make signage more visible. Over the past ten years, NOVO has successfully represented thousands of victims of motor vehicle accidents, simultaneously recovering millions of dollars for plaintiffs while making our streets safer for each other and our kids.

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