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NOVO is in a select group of law firms that maintains a dedicated department specializing in bringing medical malpractice cases in New York and New Jersey on behalf of victims. The “Novo Advantage” of care and expertise is essential to fighting for better care in health care.  To succeed, as we have over and over, the law firm’s experience and resources must be marshalled to confront medical professional and institutions that have lost their way.

At Novo, we are particularly proud of our depth of knowledge in medicine, which is rare among lawyers.  Having in-house staff with medical training, as well as, a robust network of helpful medical professionals, continues to help us serve our client’s causes in medical malpractice, as well as related medical litigation areas, such as medical products, nursing home neglect and toxic torts.

Because we believe that medical malpractice cases require a team effort, as a client, you should expect that several people will be dedicated to your case and will review it multiple times to maximize the quality of our representation.

Our Impact

Novo Law Firm has made our client’s losses more meaningful by successfully delivering answers, recovering millions of dollars in just compensation, and helping to hold medical professionals responsible for the quality of patient care that they deliver.  Feel free to ask us for examples of the results that we delivered, as well as, our ongoing efforts in this area.

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