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The horrors of the construction industry are too often concealed from the court system behind euphemisms and complex labour laws that confuse and deter victims from seeking answers and reparations through the legal process. As a nexus of legal, medical and construction knowledge, NOVO fights to keep American construction workers safe from harms way by holding employers and 3rd parties accountable to accidents that result from negligence, poor planning, inadequate equipment or training, as well as dangerous premises.

Construction workers are champions of our country and we are proud to champion the rights of construction workers. In a similar way that much of America’s prosperity and evolving identity is the result of the roads, bridges and monuments that unite our people together, NOVO has improved safety standards for construction workers across the country. We regularly litigate million dollar cases and offer pro-bono work for unions and individuals for simple (but expensive) tasks.

Recent highlights include a 1.3 million dollar settlement for an entry-level construction worker that fell off a ladder, breaking his spine. We have successfully litigated other cases for $800,000, $600,000 and $400,000 respectively.

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