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New York City Police Officers, and other law enforcement and public safety officers, have one of the most difficult and dangerous jobs in the world: Protecting the public and keeping us safe from harm. In doing so, however, they sometimes cross the line and violate the basic civil rights to which we as humans are entitled. Our goal is to ensure that the public feels safe at the hands of law enforcement agents, rather than living in fear that they will end up injured and/or imprisoned for a crime of which they are not guilty. An unfortunate truth of this day and age is that many victims of police misconduct do not have access to the resources and knowledge necessary to hold accountable those that have committed wrongful acts against them.

Whether you were wronged through physical abuse, falsely and/or wrongfully arrested, convicted of a crime that you did not commit, or forced to appear in court for your criminal charges that are later dismissed due to lack of evidence, NOVO can help you bring those wrong-doers to justice. If you were convicted of a crime and spent time in prison that you may never get back, only to find out years later that evidence was intentionally mismanaged and buried, NOVO can help you overturn your conviction and restore your life, as well as help you receive compensation for your pain and suffering, lost wages, missed opportunities and all other damages that you may have incurred.

If you feel that you have been a victim of police or law enforcement misconduct, NOVO can help you on the road to getting your life back while advocating for your civil rights.