Employment Opportunities

One of the keys to Novo Law Firm’s outstanding success inside & outside of the courtroom is that our doors are always open to new ideas, new opportunities, & new talent. Our practice is built upon the unique strengths of each & every member of our firm, in conjunction with our proud tradition of compassion for clients & legal excellence.

With legal professionals spanning 2 states, clients of Novo Law Firm have access to a network of legal, medical and corporate expertise. We are always looking to expand our network.

Novo Law Firm also seeks out recent law school graduates & judicial law clerks with strong academic histories and a passion for knowledge.

As an associate with our firm, you will go through an extensive training process in which our senior attorneys will mentor & nurture your skills as you attend depositions, court hearings, negotiation, & litigation.

In fact, attorneys at Novo Law Firm regularly attend & speak at workshops & lectures discussing changes to the law which affect our legal practice.

Novo Law Firm offers all employees a competitive salary, along with excellent benefits such as a health insurance plan, 401K employer contributions, etc.

Diversity Statement

As an organization founded on ethics and excellence, Novo Law Firm is an equal opportunities employer committed to creating a workplace environment that is positive and nurturing to all our employees, regardless of differences in gender, race, religion, national origin, age, sexual orientation, etc.

Contact Information

If you are interested in contributing to the legal profession through employment at Novo Law Firm, please send a résume, writing sample, and law school transcript (if applicable) to info@novolawfirm.com or by regular mail to

Novo Law Firm
299 Broadway
Floor 17
New York 10007

Attn: Nehama Novofastovsky

Prior to any application, please carefully read through our Firm OverviewStatement of Values and About Us page. We hope to have you on our team!